ESRC Festival of Social Science 2009: The ‘Credit Crunch’: Consequences for UK Households


A Public Debate

Council Chambers, Newcastle City Council, Civic Centre, Barras Bridge, NE99 2BN

Wednesday March 11th 2009, 7-9 pm


The ‘credit crunch’ is already having material effects on households that will deepen in the coming months. Households are experiencing a reassessment of their creditworthiness that impacts on their capacity to access consumer credit at affordable rates of interest. Limitations on the availability of particular mortgage products and risk-adverse lending standards also create challenges for existing home-owners and would-be first-time buyers. Thus, in policy terms, new patterns of financial exclusion and the sustainability of home-ownership are crucial issues coming to the fore.


Developed in partnership with The Great Debate, and contributing to the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Festival of Social Science, this event is open to all.


Chaired by Dr Paul Langley (Northumbria University), it will feature a series of short contributions from recognized experts in the field: Professor Susan Smith (Durham University); Professor Mark Stephens (Glasgow University); and Dr Lavinia Mitton (University of Kent).


Members of the public are invited to attend, raise questions and contribute to the debate.

To reserve a place and register a question in advance, please post a comment below. Alternatively, and for further details, contact Oliver Moss:


One response to “ESRC Festival of Social Science 2009: The ‘Credit Crunch’: Consequences for UK Households

  1. Thanks would be interested to attend as an observer – Ron Smith Head Partnerships Policy

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